whoooooo, whoooooo is the artist?

i woke up one morning to find this owl sitting on our long leaf pine book- shelves in the family room. reed, my wise old soul, had created it the night before.  it takes my breath away.   so does my sweet son.  he’s such a nice human being.  so talented.  so funny.  so smart.  so… Read more »

praying mantis or hat pin?

look closely and you’ll see the latest in hat fashions in the pippingtooth garden. a bright green praying mantis. wonder what he’s praying about. looking good in hats? hiding in hats? sneaking into the house hiding in hats? let’s hope it’s not the latter. praying manti (?) skeeve luke out. i love ’em tho. i’d… Read more »

happiness & pippingtooth june market days

if you would like to exhibit & sell your cool finds & creations…or simply shop for them in a magical garden space with lots of other fun folks…. Please Join Us For Our Happiness 3rd Anniversary Market Dayswhen: june 7 & 8th-sat & sunfrom: 12ish to 6ishwhere: happiness – garden & gift2214 b. south 1st… Read more »

market day is here again!

i’m so excited about this month’s market day. it’s Saturday April 5th from noon to 6. in the wonderful garden space at: happiness garden gift & home2213 b south 1st street, austin, TX 78745(behind amelia’s retro-vogue & relics in the blue house)512-440-8600we have lots of different vendors coming. elena has made the space look absolutely… Read more »

happy bloomin’ new year!!

my sweet boys are doing some amazing drawing these days. it really delights me to see the world refracted thru their own individual prisms. reed drew an amazing picture of our yellow lab, pip. only she is blue in his drawing. that makes me love him all the more. what made him see yellow and… Read more »

a gift for my mother’s best friend….

the darling daughters of my mother’s best friend ordered a vase today! we made an extra special hat full of vintage and reproduction flowers and other finds. somewhere up in heaven my mother is dancing a jig! my wonderful friend anita snapped the pictures. she’s going to be helping me post more stuff more often… Read more »

garden creature thanksgiving….

two of my newest garden creature vases were invited to our thanksgiving supper table. they’ll be posted on the site for sale soon!

talking about licking your plate clean….

who needs food? i could just eat the plate. these colors. the design. wonder how hard porcelain and blue high fire glaze would be on the teeth?

few blasts of summer…

here are a few shots from my recent trip to minneapolis and wisconsin. boys and i spent the nite with “ma” and managed to see some aunts and uncles while we were blasting thru town. then boys went to camp while i met up with my two bestest friends from mpls at a cabin on… Read more »


another party of handbuilt vases! each one made for the lack’s opening. so much fun.