notice a trend….

it’s official…i’m hooked. on chartreuse. i can’t get enough of it. i think of chartreuse when i am by myself. i start painting one thing chartreuse and suddenly it’s days later and things are painted chartreuse and i don’t remember any of it. i try to curb my use of the color chartreuse and i… Read more »

garden creaturrres stirring….

garden creatures are scurrying out of the kiln in time for christmas. along with new garden creaturrre wall pockets. the new green color is making me c.r.e.z.y. happy. if you want to be the first to see them, make sure you sign up to be on my mailing list. i send previews of new items… Read more »

my desktop runneth over….

ever since i learned how to take pictures of any image on my computer screen, it’s been nonstop clicking. my desktop is festooned with flocks of birds of all shapes and sizes.  made of wood, ceramic, felt….you name it. i’d really love to open an online shop featuring only birds and flowers.  of all stripes,… Read more »

hoot. hoot.

 things are getting kinda spooky around here.   we’ve got cavemen planning their hunter-gathering on halloween night.  (cavemen ferried about in a golf-cart due to dad’s bum knee…so make that progressive cavemen.) we’ve got teenagers who are probably going to go out into the night sans costumes. we’ve got candy squirreled away.  enough candy to… Read more »

cowboy name stampede….

whoa, nelly. y’all sent in some good names. here’s the list of the best and brightest. Slow Draw Paw Cowboy Murray Rose Slow Draw McGraw The Sundance Kid Twiggy Twiggs Stephen F. Makerpeace Long Tall Texan Loyd Lamar Leif Rockman Forest Twigsaddle Russell Evergreen Southpaw Cedar Slim Kiyipeeyi And the winner is……….. Billy Bo Tanical… Read more »

free maker faire tix, yeehaw!!

howdy. i got no name. if you can think up a funny name for me, curlin will give you 4 free Maker Faire tickets…(2 adults, 1 student & 1 youth) for October 18 or 19th. she’ll pick her fave next monday, oct 7th & post the whole list here for fun, she’s hankerin’ to give… Read more »

this sweet little bear pin just makes me happy. i love his stance. the way he’s listing to stage left. the smiley look on his face. you might just see him as the inspiration for something on my site soon. dunno what. but he’s got my flibberti brain in a great big bear hug.

that sweet fellow you see playing his guitar at happiness is ryan. a talented renaissance man. my dear friend elena’s sweetie. if you’ve hopped onto my site today to look at my new shadowboxes, you should know that ryan handmade them for me. 20 of them!! they are beautiful and crafted by his skilled hands… Read more »

is there any wonder why i’m in love with henna?  reed and lots of his friends are too now.  henna makes me happy.  the very talented, izzy lawlor, created this one for me.