Let Them Eat Buttercream Frosting…

   I spent Thursday in a buttercream frosting frenzy with talented designer Jen Wells and photographer, Ari Skinner in a the studio in Atlanta shooting the cover for my upcoming book “Where’s My F***ing Cake, Bob” How I Survived My True Love’s Trips to Rehab. We also had fun trying on a big Seranity Crown… Read more »

Are The Bugs In My Yard Trying To Tell Me Something??

What’s the message here? Is there a tiny bug creating Rorschach images so I can say what I see? Is there a little beetle designing patterns for new fabric? Does she have a teeny little computer where she’s using photoshop to design new garden bedding? Is this the family crest of family of squirrels?  … Read more »

My New Book

My new book, “Where’s My F**king Cake, Bob?” How I Survived My True Love’s Trips to Rehab is coming soon. This is just a mock-up of the cover. My friend and wonderful graphic designer Jen Wells will be shooting the cover in Atlanta two weeks from now. We’ve been swapping ideas and gathering this and… Read more »

Savannah Paintbrush Happy

After years of talking about it, I’m finally trying it.  Portrait painting with wonderful painter and teacher, Melinda Borysevicz.  It’s such fun.  I lose myself completely for 2.5 hours every Thursday.   So far I have discovered I’m hesitant to use enough paint.  Will fix that this Thurs.  I love painting the light and dark shapes…rather… Read more »

Wallpaper For One

There is something wonderful about wallpaper like this.  It doesn’t rely on pattern or gorgeous repeat.  It tells a little story in a big way.  It makes me feel like I’ve stepped into one of the luscious images by one of my favorite illustrators.  I’m a character in my own room where a lifesize tale… Read more »


28 12 17.  Those are the lottery numbers I would pick today.  The numbers that would win me a giant jackpot.  A jackpot I would use to dial up  Leroy Street Studio (an architecture firm based in nyc) and say, “Get out your drafting boards kids!  Mama wants a new pad.” Enough words.  Pictures say it… Read more »

Charming Art Collection, Really.

There’s something unexpected and delightful about a collection of little art. It can take the most boring corner of a hallway or tiny strip of wall and turn it into a little surprise.   Eng Gee Fan also known as Minifanfan is this weeks pick for me. Visit her wonderful website and you will find Eng Gee Fan,… Read more »

Tweets From Italy….

It’s so much fun to read what etsy artists write in their profiles. At her etsy storefront dimdi, the lovely Irene had me at: My name is Irene. I’m an italian artist. I live in a lovely land of Italy where the nature and the animals are the principal richness. I love the animals and nature… Read more »

Color Me Happy!

What a fun way to start my day!!! I’m going to pull together a wonderful colorful guest room in about an hour  with the help of some seriously talented furniture makers & designers.  On the wall above the bed, I’d have to start with these…fabric covered horse shoes from  Hable Construction. At just $18 a piece, i… Read more »

I Think I Need Glasses!!

Those random glasses at flea markets and thrift stores will never look the same again.The lovely Propellor Design has gathered them all together to create one-of-a-kind chandeliers.  I must have.  Must have now! Can’t you picture this over a gorgeous white tempered glass kitchen table in an amazing white room? Now let’s find some wonderful antique chairs…. Read more »