janey & melvin de medici….

several months ago i received an email from a wonderful woman named, janey lack. she and her husband, melvin, own lack’s furniture stores all over texas.

fast forward to last saturday.

as you can see janey and melvin de medici took me under their wing and hosted a wonderful day in their austin store featuring my art.

to top it off, they sent out over 300 invitations and featured my art with an ad & my animated flowergal dancing across the home page of the online austin american statesman.

janey and melvin’s generosity knows no bounds. and lucky artist me, i know what it feels like to have patrons: marvelous, flattering and inspiring.

michelangelo surely never knew patronage as warm and grand as the texas version the Lacks bestowed upon me.

to janey, melvin, karen, julie, david and the entire lack’s team, thank you.

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flowers, flowers, flowerpower…

i’m busy creating new flowers for the hats on my handbuilt vases. it’s so much fun. a garden keeps blooming right before my eyes. i could do this for hours on end. hats…flowers…vases…i’m in h.e.a.v.e.n.

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teethgritters unite!

we have done a study and it is very obvious that the world is divided into two camps: teethgritters and non-teethgritters.

if you’re a teethgritter, you know who you are.

you cannot love your pet, your friend, your niece, nephew, baby, your true love…without GRITTING YOUR TEETH in the process. it’s the only way to channel all that intensity and love into a safe zone. otherwise you would surely squeeze those ones you love far too tight. and i mean far too tight.

my pup, pip, makes me grit my teeth. even when i look at this picture.

i knew i would marry my husband, because i felt myself gritting my teeth while flying in for a smooch.

his mother grits her teeth when she’s giving you a squeeze.

i caint help myself. i feel that teeth-clenchy kind of love whenever i’m with my friends, my fam, my sweet dad….who is arriving in about two hours. oooooh…spider is already on the plane.

can you hear my teethgritting all the way over where you are?

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little visitor…

had a butterfly visitation the other day. while standing in front of happiness with elena. she is so magical and it carries over into her store and plants. what a lovely symbol of renewal and metamorphosis the universe sent me.

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a girl can dream…

just a little snow.
not a driveway full.
or a gable full.
no mountain full.
no backyard full.
not even a sleigh full.
a bike basket full.
that would be loverly.
right here.
in austin texas.
in december.
where a bike basket full of autumn
still swirls
in the blue and yellow

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was walking on a dock out over a lake in kentucky a few weeks back. i was chatting with my cousins as we ambled along. looked down and who do you suppose i spied…a bog monster. i added the nose and smile…but that old bog monster hardly needed my help to come to life. i know he was just waiting there to be discovered. bet he makes a glurrpy sound when he munches waterbugs. glurble. glarble. smile.

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clara and hermione visit…

clara the super dog and hermione were chatting. given the look on clara’s face, i think hermione might have hit on sensitive subject. hmmmmm.

wonder what on earth she said.

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wonderful show at happiness….

sweet elena and kathy and carla hosted an art opening for my vases and prints at Happiness. It was such a fun day. friends, family, cake & more friends. dudn’t get any better than that. the vases were a huge hit which made me so happy. it was their first unveiling in austin.

hoooray for clay!

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what the lizard heard….

this little fellow was eavesdropping on a hot and steamy phone conversation i was having on the porch yesterday.

it was hot alright.

i was describing the furnace-like heat in my home to my air-conditioning fix-it man.

my a.c needs a new coil.

i swear.

ask mr. lizard if you don’t believe it.

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