it’s been a little quiet here at pippingtooth all summer. but look what’s in the works now: HATS!! i’m working with the very talented milliner, Laura Del Vellagio, of Milli Starr She’s extraordinary in her knowledge and workmanship. Stay tuned…Handmade Pippingtooth Garden Hats are coming. I’m about to keel over it’s making me so happy. can you guess which color i’ll be starting with? : )

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Posey, sweet Posey finds home…thanks everybody!

Sweet, Sweet Posey. She’s a border collie my friends found out in the country. She’d been hanging around a store for a week and no one claimed her. They put signs all over and brought her back with them to Austin.

I took her to the vet and she’s in terrific shape. She’s about a year old, heartworm free. She’s had her Frontline and has had her heartworm meds for this month. Vet couldn’t test for worms that visit.

She’s a cuddler. A people person. A snuggly girl with a great personality. She comes on command and is housebroken.

I have two dogs already or I would keep her. She’s a true border collie and wants to herd anything that moves. She would be better in a home where she is the only dog. She’s territorial and aggressive when another dog gets close to her food or toy. That’s the only downside I can find for someone who already has pets.

You can email me with questions. curlin@curlinreedsullivan.com Or stop in and see her this week at Happiness 2213-b south first street austin tx 512.440.8600 My fave gift, garden, home store on south first here in Austin.



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community garden

this is the most beautiful my pippingtooth garden ever looked.  that’s because it was a community garden at the time.  a community of all my sweet friends who make their living helping woebegone gardeners like me make visions come true.  elena…magical gardener who now runs an amazing austin garden & vintage gift store called, Happiness.  christian who i refer to as my 3rd son home from college even though he’s a bona fide grown-up with a beautiful little daughter & sweet wife.  he can make anything, craft anything, build anything my wonky brain can dream up.  he’s busy making all things gorgeous and sturdy at a lovely boutique hotel here in austin now.  Doug, sweet doug…who is a tireless soul.  An early riser with the patience to deal with almost any garden folly i can conjure.   These folks made my pippingtooth garden my dream community garden.  A place where a hearty spade and a hearty laugh were always in plenty supply.  

my love of gardening grows in direct correlation to the chance of finding someone i love in my garden.  i’m an extrovertus gigantus who grows best in a the full sunshine of dear friends to garden with.  

which is not to say that my garden is lonely now.  how could it be with all the wonderful memories of time spent with my bestest buds digging and hoeing and staking and planting.  

no, it’s not lonely.  just quieter now.  and way too much space for one gabby artist girl to manage by herself.   so it’s scaled back.  way back.  and i let whatever’s green and creeping fill in around the plants and flowers.  my dear elena comes once every two weeks or so to keep my palette of flowers blooming.  the garden hums when she enters it.  so do i.   her energy is green and vibrant and loving.   the plants and flowers grow towards her light.   red dragonflies form a corona above her head as she tends the littles shoots and buds.
i love my garden.  in all shapes and sizes.  the memories are perennial.  the friendships grown there everlasting.  

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Carol Ramsey Wins The Print!

Carol Ramsey, You’ve won the print. Random number generator chose #1. Perfect for a Mother’s Day Giveaway. Now you can honestly tell your fans, “I’m #1”

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Free Signed Print For A Wonderful Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day to All of Katie Malinski’s Newsletter Readers!

In honor of my mother, I’m pleased to be giving away a signed fine art print of my newest image titled: Happy Mother’s Day 2009.

To Enter to win, please post a comment just below this post about why you love being a mom.

Make sure you include your email address so I know how to reach you if you’re the winner and so I can add you to my “what’s new preview” mailing list.

I’ll choose the winner by random number generator on Mother’s Day by 5pm. I’ll announce it here on my blog and email the winner at the same time.

I hope you have a marvelous day with your loved ones.

A great big hug to Katie for joining me in this special giveaway!


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Crafty Mishmash-Thank You!

thank you! to beth hempton of snuggleherd & craftymishmash.blogspot.com

for featuring the new paper tabletop collection Laurie Wisbrun of Scarlet Fig and I created together.

i first met beth at a babes in biz meeting here in austin. her hand-crafted snuggleherd creatures are absolutely darling. and each character has all sorts of accompanying gifts like notecards & onesies.

i’m flattered that she featured us. happier still, to have a friend and talent like beth here in our austin creative circle!

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happy easter!

happy easter from all the little bunnies in the pippingtooth garden!  hope everyone has a wonderful long relaxing weekend with baskets full of treats.  

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itty bitty thumprint vases….

my love for johnny-jump-ups and pansies knows no bounds. they are some of my all-time favorite little flowers. so cheery. so sweet. so little. with that in mind, i’m making little thumbprint vases now to hold just one blossom at a time. they’re bisque on the outsize…glazed inside and hold water….but only a drop or two…just enough to quench the thirst of these wee blooms.

i make ’em in a flash. they are, how shall we say….rustic. yes. but they’re also cheap at $3 a piece. i add a little flower her or there or an embellishment stamped from my collection of old butter pat molds.

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fair weather friends

had a two-day gabfest with laurie while we tended booth at the lady bird johnson wildflower center arts & artisan festival here in austin. we met some wonderful people and even managed to meet a darling grandmother, Nanny, who adopted us. fun in the sun. and shade. as you can see in this pic snapped by a new friend and shopper: sheree schattenmann of www.shereesalchemy.com and www.shereesalchemy.typepad.com
make sure you check out her beautiful clothing designs and fabric store.

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Pippingship Partnertooth!

big oh-so-new news! my dear friend, Laurie Wisbrun of Scarlet Fig, is bringing her talent to pippingtooth studio. she and i have collaborated on a brand new line called — pippingtooth table –a fresh collection of absurdly affordable paper & ceramic table decorations. we’ll be debuting it this weekend at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Arts & Artisan Festival Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 11-5.

pippingtooth table — features beautiful paper centerpieces, place cards, table tents and lots of other beauties you can assemble yourself in a jiffy.

suddenly your table is alive with birds, flowers, garden creaturrre illustrations & vases, laurie’s gorgeous little chair designs and more! laurie has even created coordinated fabric you can purchase on my website soon — so you can whip up darling cloth napkins or table runners and such.

our fun colorful paper party, ceramic vases & bisque what-nots will make your table smile. not to mention your pocketbooks.

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