New Year! New News!!


New Year.  New news!  After my home was featured on Apartment Therapy last december (see post right below this one), I was invited to join a collective of interior decorators &  landscape architects  & exterior space designers here in Austin.  It’s a dream come true!

I’ll now be using my creativity in a new and exciting way:  I’ll be helping my clients design and create their own signature nests…through the thoughtful use of art, design, textures, textiles, budgets, vintage finds, treasures, new furniture and more.  A process that can take anywhere from a delightful afternoon to a carefully curated  lifetime depending on my client’s time and budget.

The invitation to join Spark Interiors…to embark on a new chapter in my creative career is so thrilling.  I have very much missed collaborating with other people creatively on a regular basis.  This is my sweet new chance to spend more time in the world and a little less time in the studio.

to be sure, i’ll still be busy in my pippingtooth studio…plotting and planning rooms & spaces and creating one-of-a-kind decorative accessories, art, ceramics  and repurposed wonders for my happy clients..  but  i will be taking a break from the retail part of pippingtooth for a while.  so, yes, my  store will be under the mulch  (closed) for a while.   at least until, i get my paint swatch fans firing on all cylinders.

for now, i’ll be sharing my weekly Spark Interiors posts with you here.  every monday, i’ll be using my creative eye to source great finds and pass along any deals and must-have-finds with you.  and  i’ll even be available to do some online e-decorating with my sweet clients.  how cool is that?  You send a picture.  We gab.  I’ll send you links & ideas.)

ladies and gentlemens, prepare to feather together!!   you may want to start with these great silkscreen posters i discovered and posted about for my new partner, 


Grab your hammers and  picture hooks, kids!  Give your walls a new twist in 2011 with these silkscreened posters featuring music lyrics & fab typography over at Music Philosophy

The talented creator of these marvy hits is based in the UK and introduces himself and his work thusly:
“Hi. My name is Mico. I am a designer. I like music and typography. So I combined them on this Project because I had nothing better to do.”
How droll and delish!

In my next life, I fear my house will have no windows…only walls…so I can satisfy my passion for art, art and more art.   Or maybe i’ll fancy a double-sided framing system for displaying ON windows.  How about a huge picture window with a poster featuring Johnny Nash’s “I can see clearly now the rain has gone.”  facing in.  And this wonderful poster (thanks to The Mouldy Peaches) facing out for arriving guests to see:

Thank you, Mico.  Wonderful work.  Love, Love.  Me Do.

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a home tour on apartment therapy

many thanks to my sweet friend, Misty Adair who is the oh-so-creative interior designer and owner of Spark Interior Style and also a contributing writer for  She very very kindly asked if she might write an article and feature a house tour of our Austin digs as one of her first assignments. She is talented beyond measure and has created amazing interiors for homeowners
throughout Austin so the very notion that she chose our home made me hap-hap-happy and a little blushy.  It’s nice to think I’ve created a home that is fun and welcoming.  Her 40+ photos tell the tale.  Yes, it’s true.  Misty is multi-talented.  she not only creates amazing interiors,  she’s also dang handy with a camera. come on in and see for yourself!

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Free Signed Print GiveAway for A Special Apartment Therapy Reader!

helloooooooo apartment therapy readers!  as a thank you for stopping by, i’m offering a free give-away of one of my limited edition MOD MADISON signed  archival prints (8.5 x 11)to enter sign up for my “what’s new previews” by posting a comment about what you love most about your home.  (make sure there’s a way to contact you!)  i’ll pick the winner by random number generator after january 1st.

if you’re just stopping by and haven’t seen it yet, my home, studio & art are featured on  what a fantastic early christmas present for us!  click by and take a tour.

hope you’re home is cozy and cheery this holiday season.   merry everything!!!


The winner of the print is Jill.  thanks to all of you who wrote and posted comments.  Jill please get in touch with me if you check this again so that i can contact you and mail your print to you.  love the story of your dining room table.  i have a breakfast room table like that.

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new 2010 calendars!

i’m loving how the calendar turned out this year. new images. and a new page for jotting down important dates and birthdays. quick little note today…am off to the studio to prepare orders for shipping!

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the christmas bunny…a confessional

oh how i love this time of year, when dreams and visions of the christmas bunny dance in my head. oh what fun it is to think of him dashing through the snow, bells on bob-tail ringing. carrying presents in his little satchel to hide under christmas trees hither and yon.

but what is one to do when the christmas bunny comes early…with a present too big to hide? if you were me what would you have done?

there i stood. gazing upon a wintery-bunny-reindeerish-starry wonderland of a piece of original art by artist,
satch grimley. clearly the christmas bunny had made sure only i would find this gift… hidden within the warrens of artist studios featured on the East Austin Studio Tours. As i gazed upon this wonderous (starry…don’t forget starry) gift… a chorus of angels (my friends sue lambe and laurie wisbrun) began singing the praises of this wonderous work of art. what was i to do? refuse this gift? mais, non!

in a state of wonderous awe, i began to write my name on a slip of paper (okay, it was a personal check). no sooner had my piece of paper fluttered to rest upon the table, (much like a snowflake upon a winter’s night) when none other than, satch grimley himself (merry old elf if ever i saw one) plucked it from the its resting place and, as if by magic, read my name aloud!
“i’ve won!,” i thought to myself. “The christmas bunny is real! i do believe!”

and so it was, that once upon a saturday clearly, i learned the true meaning of christmas in november, the real magic of the christmas bunny, and how peace on earth and goodwill towards an unsuspecting husband (who no longer has to think up a christmas present for me) shall prevail upon the land!!

God bless us, one and all!

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hello birdie hat donation…

i‘ve had the pleasure of collaborating with talented friend and milliner, Laura Del Villagio of Milli Starr to design a hat we’ve donated to the Hello Birdie Auction sponsored by Uplift Austin and Big Red Sun. It’s been so much fun learning more about Laura’s millinery craft. She hand-blocked this hat with parasisal straw and we embellished it together. I needle-felted aflowergal who’s chatting with the sweet little needle-felted bird who’s popping out of his birdhouse. it was so inspiring and fun to work together…create together…design the floral trims from our collective supply of vintage and new millinery flowers and leaves and berries.

we’ve so much fun together that we’ll be creating hats for pippingtooth together. and we’ll also be creating custom hats as well. all with flowergals and wonderful little creatures like this vintage chenille snail you see below! please email or call me if you’d like to order a custom pippingtooth garden hat for spring, easter or an upcoming wedding.

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chicken on the brain….

this is one of my dearest friends wearing one of her dearest friends as a hat. one is a poet, the other a poulet. i adore the chick wearing the chick. she’s smart, hilarious, learned, compassionate and wise. she works for god & co. she should wear stained-glass contacts. along with her chickens.

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need a lift?

made a new friend at the beach this summer. clearly he had places to go, people to see. or maybe he was just falling in love with my grasshopper-shaped earring.

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it’s been a little quiet here at pippingtooth all summer. but look what’s in the works now: HATS!! i’m working with the very talented milliner, Laura Del Vellagio, of Milli Starr She’s extraordinary in her knowledge and workmanship. Stay tuned…Handmade Pippingtooth Garden Hats are coming. I’m about to keel over it’s making me so happy. can you guess which color i’ll be starting with? : )

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Posey, sweet Posey finds home…thanks everybody!

Sweet, Sweet Posey. She’s a border collie my friends found out in the country. She’d been hanging around a store for a week and no one claimed her. They put signs all over and brought her back with them to Austin.

I took her to the vet and she’s in terrific shape. She’s about a year old, heartworm free. She’s had her Frontline and has had her heartworm meds for this month. Vet couldn’t test for worms that visit.

She’s a cuddler. A people person. A snuggly girl with a great personality. She comes on command and is housebroken.

I have two dogs already or I would keep her. She’s a true border collie and wants to herd anything that moves. She would be better in a home where she is the only dog. She’s territorial and aggressive when another dog gets close to her food or toy. That’s the only downside I can find for someone who already has pets.

You can email me with questions. Or stop in and see her this week at Happiness 2213-b south first street austin tx 512.440.8600 My fave gift, garden, home store on south first here in Austin.



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