indian summer….

just ate the last watermelon from the garden. it was sooooooooo sweet and good. the boys had a blast hunter gathering watermelons this summer…will definitely plant them again next year.

guess this marks the official end to our juicey, sticky, drippy, yummy summer….

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mid-century duck a l’orange, blue et jaune

this was my birthday present from my two sweetie pies, andrea and natalie. i spied it in one of my fav austin antique stores, Uncommon Objects. Sneaky goils went back a couple days later and snagged it for me. i just love it…the wings of the ducks are carved 3 dimensional pieces of wood. this was one of the best surprises i’ve ever had! they are so wonderful. friends and ducks.

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my treehouse studio!!!

it’s finished!

i’m just starting to move stuff in. don’t need dolly for heavy lifting as i simply float up the stairs. (check out orange chairs! found ’em at the citywide garage sale…two for a steal. i think they were meant for pippingtooth. desk was found the same day)

this is the entry to the studio. look kinda pink, but they are actually white, white, white. this’ll be the stairway gallery. i’ll be hanging the works of other artists, illustrators that make me swoon. i think it might just be the teeniest, happiest gallery in the western hemishphere. look for the work of shari elf, andrea uren, danielle young, camilla engman…some of my favs to be hanging there soon.

and here’s the view looking west from the studio.

thanks to isaac mizrahi’s brilliant shower curtain design my studio bathroom is too dreamy for words. i know. it’s over the top. will now go keel over with joy.

more pics to come.

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puppy, puppier, puppiest!!!!!

this little fluffy puppy biscuit joined our family today! the boys named her, Pip….which of course is perfect given that her new home is the pippingtooth garden. she’s so cute she makes me grit my teeth whenever i kiss her. ((more on teeth gritting in another entry) anyhoo, i just had to put her picture on my cyber fridge real quickly.

i’m exhausted and about to collapse in bed. just returned home from my dear friend pamela barsky’s in los angeles. four crazy pants days of talking, seeing, shopping, walking, swimming, tving, ebaying and dreaming up our next creative ventures. she’s amazing and i’m so lucky she is my friend. you can check out her site in my links.

yours with a cazillion puppy breath kisses,

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absolutely, positively peachy….

isn’t this the nummiest, yummiest peach blossom you’ve ever seen? i was traipsing through the little nursery right up the road and swerved right off the garden path when i saw it! it’s a peppermint peach, i think. and somehow two of these varieties ended up in my backyard shortly thereafter. dunno how that happened. it’s a puzzle, really.

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sheetrock love….

this is my studio two months ago…

this is my studio now….

i am in love with sheetrock.
i want to marry it and have its babies.
sheetrock and curlin sitting in a tree, k.i.s.s.i.n.g.

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happy easter, with love from a cabbage…..

i had a lovely little surprise in the garden this morning. while children everywhere were zizzing around gardens hunting for eggs, i was surprised to find teeny little green hearts on the tips of the leaves of my white ornamental cabbages. that little discovery is enough to set my easter basket twirling for days!

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simple flowers…

thank goodness i can manage to get a bunch of daffodils into a vase these days.

below is a slightly revised excerpt from a letter i wrote to my great friend, jackie, in the uk. it describes how circuitous my path is now that i’ve hit 42. anybody else feel like this????

“i’ve decided i have some sort of peri-menopausal, hypothyroid brain fog that only lifts for sudden onset ADD flitting about. i swear. i’m constantly sloshing over the banks of my hastily scrawled to-do list. i’ll head into the kitchen to put those breakfast dishes in the dishwasher by way of my ibook. a quick pavlovian press of a button…and i’m suddenly writing someone who has posted on my blog about gardening and flowers. which reminds me i must water the pots on the back porch after i press send. i head out to the garden to water the pots only to find preston’s camouflaged sock in a fetal position on the lawn. and there’s another and another and another. collecting that clutch of soggy socks sends me instantly to the laundry room where i realize i never moved yesterdays now mildewy wash into the dryer. which i would do immediately if it weren’t for the smell of the garbage wafting from the bag left by the garage door to my left. out i go to pop the bag in the trashcan only to hear my beloved truly texan contractor, valentine gonzales, up in the studio. i must now pop up the stairs to see what’s new in the space… with my stinky bag of garbage in hand, naturally. while i’m supposed to be giving a quick answer about how many outlets i need on the north wall, that of course leads to a long discussion about the cost savings of putting a screen porch on the space now rather than later. of course, this mandates a trip out to the garden to stare at the back wall where said porch would go. the only reason the garbage made it to the can is that sweet val is a true southern gentleman and cannot bear to see a woman doing man’s work so he drops it in the can on our way out to the garden chairs. after marking off where the porch footings would be with huge rocks, we plunk down in the Adirondack chairs to ponder it all. “it all” usually includes theories about life and love and why our trusting old world val has recently come out of retirement. it has to do with his sweet disposition and the fact that someone drained his retirement savings for him. he is now back working at nearly 70. suddenly he asks me when i have to leave to pick up the boys and i realize it’s nowthisminute!! into the car i go for our hour long back and forth. after a quick stop at the gas station for candy we slingshot in the front door where homework begins while i put those g.d. breakfast dishes in the dishwasher. ”

i honestly don’t think i was ever this scattered before. amazing those daffodils made it to the vase. i was probably on my way to check email but before doing that i…..

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just add water…

couple more weeks and this will be a white bathroom for the studio. big enough for paint buckets and brushes and artists covered with dirt from the garden!

the other morning i sat in the plywood tub and had a cup of coffee just to see what the view would be like. wunnerful. now the boys are taking dreamy air tubs out there.

i’m so blessed.

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