Finding 12-step Meetings & And Other Pithy Stuff.

If you’ve got more Q’s than A’s about family recovery programs, I’ve got you covered in my new guide, 12 Answers To 12 Questions About 12-Step Meetings.

By attending meetings and applying the 12 steps to my life, I finally learned how to recover my own happiness and Seranity again in the midst of a loved one’s addiction and recoveries.

A great recovery program can help you refocus on your own health and tranquility whether the person you love is drinking or not. And I think that’s worth checking out if you’re struggling.

How to find a 12-Step Meeting in your area.

There are lots of different 12-step recovery meetings. I talk mostly about the ones for friends and family members, but here are some links to a range of other programs.

Alcoholics Anoymous
Narcotics Anonymous

You can also find out more about addiction, support and recovery here, too: (SAMSA) Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services Association 

Just knowing there are 12-step meeetings near you is reassuring–even if you never darken the door. A handy list of meetings is a great resource. And, trust me, you can’t have too many of those. 

The Big Three.

When you love someone who is struggling with addiction, one of the most important things you’ll hear at meetings are the three Cs:

  • You didn’t cause it.
  • You can’t control it.
  • You can’t cure it.

These three little sentences changed my life and helped me refocus on my own choices again. They gave me the space to learn how to stop being so codependent, how to detach with love, and refocus on my own passions.

 My Free Guide:

My guide is a little primer for what to expect at a Family Recovery 12-step meeting- at least it’s my take on it all. In it, I answer the most common questions people ask me about “what goes on in there?” and why I keep going.

You’ll find answers to questions like:

  • Are meetings religious?
  • Will I have to talk?
  • How does anonymity work?

The answers are “No”, “No”, and sign up here for the third answer and more. 


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