“When we make something new,….we spark a form of ‘spiritual electricity…'”

I found this great article written by Molly Castelloe who writes The Me In We blog for Psychology Today magazine.

In the article, she quotes author Julia Cameron from her book, The Artist’s Way. Cameron comes closest to explaining why I’m starting to notice that my creativity is a collboration I join into with my Hiya Power!

Here’s what Castelloe highlights from Julia Cameron’s wriring:

“Creativity is an induced spiritual experience, writes artist Julia Cameron. We are all part of a vast electrical energy field, she claims, and one’s creative instincts bring one more in harmony with this ecosystem.

When we make something new, generate concepts or build novel associations between existing ones, we spark a form of “spiritual electricity” that puts us in alignment with the natural order of the universe.

Leap into the Void
Source: Macinate/Flickr

Our individual creative acts also connect us more intimately to that of our Great Creator, whether you call that life force Allah, Higher Power, good orderly purpose, or “flow.” Cameron suggests the idea of God is an action, a doing – rather than a noun.”

Do you feel a spiritual connection when you are being creative?

Think of all the things you make with your hands…it can be anything from a glorious meal to a hand-thrown dish.

Do you feel a spark? I hope you’ll share your experience here in the comments section below.

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