Tweets From Italy….

It’s so much fun to read what etsy artists write in their profiles. At her etsy storefront dimdi, the lovely Irene had me at:

My name is Irene. I’m an italian artist. I live in a lovely land of Italy where the nature and the animals are the principal richness.
I love the animals and nature … these are the principal inspirations of my art!

“Um, hello, Irene? This is Curlin from the lovely land of Austin. Can we be best friends?”

Her original watercolors of birds (and other lovely animals) make me want to spend an afternoon in her kitchen gabbing about all things art and animals and woodland menageries.

And can you say affordable, most original 8×10 pieces are $25.

Is it just me or do all of her watercolor creatures look as if they just remembered a funny little story?

It’s hard to pinpoint which brush stroke makes it so…but give a look and tell me what you see.

I highly recommend adding an dimdi original to your collection.

For the gorgeous swirls she glides onto the paper. And almost as important, to me, the swirls of detail and color she chooses to leave out.

She captures the essence of her subjects with the least amount of brush strokes possible.

Her work is spare and light.

Which I think makes her a fine feathered artist to be sure!