hello birdie hat donation…

i‘ve had the pleasure of collaborating with talented friend and milliner, Laura Del Villagio of Milli Starr to design a hat we’ve donated to the Hello Birdie Auction sponsored by Uplift Austin and Big Red Sun. It’s been so much fun learning more about Laura’s millinery craft. She hand-blocked this hat with parasisal straw and we embellished it together. I needle-felted aflowergal who’s chatting with the sweet little needle-felted bird who’s popping out of his birdhouse. it was so inspiring and fun to work together…create together…design the floral trims from our collective supply of vintage and new millinery flowers and leaves and berries.

we’ve so much fun together that we’ll be creating hats for pippingtooth together. and we’ll also be creating custom hats as well. all with flowergals and wonderful little creatures like this vintage chenille snail you see below! please email or call me if you’d like to order a custom pippingtooth garden hat for spring, easter or an upcoming wedding.

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