community garden

this is the most beautiful my pippingtooth garden ever looked.  that’s because it was a community garden at the time.  a community of all my sweet friends who make their living helping woebegone gardeners like me make visions come true.  elena…magical gardener who now runs an amazing austin garden & vintage gift store called, Happiness.  christian who i refer to as my 3rd son home from college even though he’s a bona fide grown-up with a beautiful little daughter & sweet wife.  he can make anything, craft anything, build anything my wonky brain can dream up.  he’s busy making all things gorgeous and sturdy at a lovely boutique hotel here in austin now.  Doug, sweet doug…who is a tireless soul.  An early riser with the patience to deal with almost any garden folly i can conjure.   These folks made my pippingtooth garden my dream community garden.  A place where a hearty spade and a hearty laugh were always in plenty supply.  

my love of gardening grows in direct correlation to the chance of finding someone i love in my garden.  i’m an extrovertus gigantus who grows best in a the full sunshine of dear friends to garden with.  

which is not to say that my garden is lonely now.  how could it be with all the wonderful memories of time spent with my bestest buds digging and hoeing and staking and planting.  

no, it’s not lonely.  just quieter now.  and way too much space for one gabby artist girl to manage by herself.   so it’s scaled back.  way back.  and i let whatever’s green and creeping fill in around the plants and flowers.  my dear elena comes once every two weeks or so to keep my palette of flowers blooming.  the garden hums when she enters it.  so do i.   her energy is green and vibrant and loving.   the plants and flowers grow towards her light.   red dragonflies form a corona above her head as she tends the littles shoots and buds.
i love my garden.  in all shapes and sizes.  the memories are perennial.  the friendships grown there everlasting.