a brighter shade of pink!

so, my dear friend, rachel hobson, of averagejanecrafter.com has showered me & my pip creations with all kinds of posty praise and sweet crafty goodness on her blog. she featured my new flowergal & flowerguy embroidery kits yesterday. and then launched a laudatory lovebomb at craftzine.com

rachel is a darlinki of the first order. we bonded during our surface design class with kat mctee at studio 1408 this fall. she is smart, funny, loving, talented and a fantabulous writer. her casual comment about wanting to stitch one of my flowergals led to my new embroidery kits. along with the chorus of “you gotta!” from kat of artcloth.com , laurie wisbrun of scarletfig.com and leslie bonnell of stitchlab & glitzkrieg.com.

what a week.

what a fab group of chicas.

what a rachel hobsian gift.

you’ve got to check out her love of all things crafty and well designed. and tell all your friends about her blog. it’s marvy with a capital marv.

i’m so lucky to call her friend. my face is fuscia with gratitude.