notice a trend….

it’s official…i’m hooked. on chartreuse. i can’t get enough of it. i think of chartreuse when i am by myself. i start painting one thing chartreuse and suddenly it’s days later and things are painted chartreuse and i don’t remember any of it. i try to curb my use of the color chartreuse and i can for awhile, but almost in spite of myself, i will wear or paint or buy something chartreuse. sometimes when i’m enjoying the color chartreuse, i will think about the next thing i would like to see in chartreuse. i can go without chartreuse for periods of time and convince myself that i am not powerless over chartreuse. but before i know it i’m wearing a chartreuse linen shirt or staring at granny smith apples in the grocery store. i need a chartreuse support group. i need to meet everyday to discuss ways to turn my life and my will over to a different color. but for now i’m hooked. it’s taken over my life. there i said it. it’s also taken over my front door. for all the world to see. i’m not trying to hide it anymore.