happy bloomin’ new year!!

my sweet boys are doing some amazing drawing these days. it really delights me to see the world refracted thru their own individual prisms. reed drew an amazing picture of our yellow lab, pip. only she is blue in his drawing. that makes me love him all the more. what made him see yellow and choose blue? i’d love to get up there in his head and cozy into his brain like a bean bag chair as he draws. luke took the picture to the frame shop and i’ll post it as soon as we pick it up.

the flowers you see are preston’s. i love so many things about them.

  1. they were created by an eleven-year-old boy.
  2. he lay in the grass on his belly using my flower garden as inspiration.
  3. he created the entire canvas as a surprise, “i know you’re gonna love.”
  4. they are so incredibly detailed and yet so graphic…essence of flower.
  5. his color palette is so vibrant and lovely.
  6. they were created by an eleven-year-old boy.
  7. i’m soooooooo lucky to be his mom.