teethgritters unite!

we have done a study and it is very obvious that the world is divided into two camps: teethgritters and non-teethgritters.

if you’re a teethgritter, you know who you are.

you cannot love your pet, your friend, your niece, nephew, baby, your true love…without GRITTING YOUR TEETH in the process. it’s the only way to channel all that intensity and love into a safe zone. otherwise you would surely squeeze those ones you love far too tight. and i mean far too tight.

my pup, pip, makes me grit my teeth. even when i look at this picture.

i knew i would marry my husband, because i felt myself gritting my teeth while flying in for a smooch.

his mother grits her teeth when she’s giving you a squeeze.

i caint help myself. i feel that teeth-clenchy kind of love whenever i’m with my friends, my fam, my sweet dad….who is arriving in about two hours. oooooh…spider is already on the plane.

can you hear my teethgritting all the way over where you are?