it’s a trade off…

there are days when i’m sure women have it harder than men. there are the obvious things like glass ceilings and lower pay scales, the fear we instinctively feel when we find ourselves alone in parking garages. and then there are the physical challenges…constant unyeilding gravitational pull, trying on bathing suits, monthly cycles and mood swings that get wonkier as we age. there’s a lot to contend with if you’re a gal.

but there’s a trade off. a big trade off.

having best girlfriends.

there is no other joy like it. nothing can compare to the immediate calm we feel when one of our best friends says, “oh, i know” as she nods in total agreement with us. how can we begin to explain it to men.

how can we describe what it’s like to have a personal therapist who not only loves us unequivocally, but one who heals and advises for free. quite often from the couch in our own living rooms.

when i think of my wonderful girlfriends, i feel like the luckiest creature on earth.

there’s no substitute for the glee of settling in to watch a “girl movie” with your bestest friends. Or the round table energy field created by a group of best girlfriends as they watch a waiter place a bowl of their favorite piping hot queso in their midst. i swear we practically levitate.

and poor men will never know what it’s like to have a best friend scoop you off a dressing room floor and drive you home when a “fat” day reduces you to a puddly mass of insecurity at the mall. there is no greater love.

it’s hard to describe this love. the kind we feel for our girlfriends and from our girlfriends. Eros doesn’t describe it. Agape is a bit too meek. clearly we need another word. maybe femeros. or agirlpeĀ“.