one morning…

i took this picture in my bedroom one morning. this is a detail from an embroidered 3 panelled screen i found antiquing in atlanta. it was all dusty and forgotten and had some water damage to parts of it….but the embroidery just knocked my socks off. “how much for this old screen?” i mumbled to the dealer as i tried to feign indiferrence. he quickly said he’d have to call the dealer which i took to mean…”i’ll have to let the dealer know we have a live one and the price will now skyrocket.” he returned moments later, to deliver the news. “she says she’ll take…..(i’m squinching my eyes and waiting now)…$125.” you could’ve knocked me over with an screen. i plunked down the sum on the spot. and slunk to my car with my prize….just like a guarded dog with a dusty old embroidered bone.

the screen is now the headboard for our bed. waterspots and all. it makes me happy every time i look at it and i could stare at the embroidery and conjure stories about its previous owners, former garden room splendor and damp attic loneliness all day. i’ve had it about 5 years now. i figure it’s cost me about 7 cents a day and it’s beauty brings me joy with every glance. just look at those intricate little stiches and the gorgeous colors. now that’s a great way to spend 7 cents dontcha think?

welcome to curlinomics 101.