this way to the beach….

i’ve been feeling a strong magnetic pull towards the beach these last few weeks. maybe the dolphins are sending out the call. i really want to go to the caribbean and snorkle and stare and ponder and sit and read and wonder and eat and nap and wander.

hard to mix my thanksgiving girl movie with my beach blanket bingo girl movie. the images just don’t mix. a turkey stuffed with sand? wriggling my toes in warm stuffing. i’d better be careful in that kitchen.

2 Responses to “this way to the beach….”

  1. Anonymous

    oh what a beachy fripp picture! it’s contagious, and besides, who WOULDN’T want to go spend forever on fripp island? and there’s a pruey jones i see playing on the steps! what a beautiful beach boy.

  2. Curlin Reed Sullivan

    hi cutie girl….i’ve really have been wanting to swim with the dolphins in the beautiful azure caribbean. funny…i wrote that last night about the dolphin call…and this morning when i looked out my gardenia had two gorgeous blooms on it. you know that’s the other way your grandma lets me know she’s with me. so she’s nearby. i miss her so much some days. miss you too. luke and marianne and i are going spinning tomorrow in mason’s class. how ’bout that. get ready… spring break will be here in no time. xoxox me.
    ps. go to bed young lady!