night night

invited my fellas for a walk tonight. such swirly purple fun.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey there!!!! I just gave both the little pink preggers flower gal and her big sis already walkin’ behind her stroller, matted and framed, so so cute!!!!, to my good friend who is only weeks, maybe days, away from having another beautiful child!!! She is excited, I am excited, and you, the artist, should be in on the excitement! So!!!! Hope you had a great Turkey Day—-ours was fun—good eating and great Irish dancing (not me, though I am willing to learn from some adorable nieces and their very red headed Irish aunt); now, we are headed for the world of snow days and marshmallows and Jose Feliciano as the holidays approach! (Somehow, my stout German heritage seems to be fading here, though it is sure to return at the sight of some lebkuchen.) Are you thinking of a pointsettia gal for Christmas?—maybe a little holly berry on her head or as a bag or as fancy shoes? Wishing you a soft, sweet December, Hannelore

  2. Curlin Reed Sullivan

    hi hi,

    what a lovely surprise to find you in the garden today! i’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. must be e.s.p.e.s.p. extra special person extra sensory perception.

    our thanksgiving was wonderful. is there anything more heavenly than the aroma of turkey roasting? okay…maybe dipping wonder bread into freshly made turkey gravy bubbling away in the cast iron skillet. but that’s about it.

    funny you should mention jose feliciano. he popped into my head the other day. from out of nowhere. i was driving along thinking about how much i used to love listening to him sing on the mike douglas show. i loved to watch that right after school when i was young. is there a christmas album by him? am i missing something wonderful?

    i love knowing that my art is part of new mommy excitement! thanks for sharing that with me. i have been longing for a baby to hold recently. came pretty close last night when i attended my children’s chrismas concert. i’m 5′ 10″ tall and was near the front. i heard a couple of children behind me complaining that they couldn’t see. before i knew it i had two four year olds in my lap. a beautiful little girl with ringlets. she was named, peyton. and a gorgeous little boy of indian descent named david. while i loved holding them and cuddling both of them during the singing. what i loved most was the fact that they were so quick to hop in my lap. they felt safe and loved by everyone in the little auditorium and that was such a lovely surprise given how often we caution our children about strangers these days. it felt pure and simple and precious.

    on another note, i have made new christmas flowergals. was intending to show them on the website this season, but the web developement part is dragging. i’ll send you a couple jpegs so you can preview. guess they’ll make their debut for christmas 2005.

    just saying that makes me feel dizzy with how fast these wonderful days are flying by.

    thank you for your wonderful christmas wishes. i think you should be a writer, hannelore. it has to have been a lifelong love of yours. am i right?

  3. Anonymous

    the phoebe bird is chirping from her roost in the rockefeller center gigantuous christmas tree, “post! post! post!”
    xoxoxox me