hippo birdie two ewes, phoebe bird!

leetle phoebe bird…had a birthday!!! yippeee. in the words of sandra boynton…hippo birdie two ewes! write and tell me how your weekend went.

love you!! auntie rose

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  1. Anonymous

    eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! thankyou thankyou!!!!! my birthday was loverly and i had a great time with all my squam lake friends traipsing around the city and park slope having a totally girly blast! we had dinner on saturday night at a mucho-marvy vietnamese restaurant (the food was SOOOOOOOO good) right next door to the Blue Man Group theater, and my friends absolutely looooooooved it and said it was one of the coolest things they’d ever seen. all in all we had a GREAT time.
    i looooove my birthday print!
    p.s. the next time you’re in new york you HAVE to see my new and crazily improved totally awesome room!