good night, halloween.

see you in 364 days!

5 Responses to “good night, halloween.”

  1. Anonymous

    how preeeety! with the pumpkin lights all spooky and groovy!
    the little phoebe bird has been sitting in your pomegranite tree admiring the scenery from afar.
    she was pippi longstocking for halloween….with the braids that stuck out and everything (thanks to a few strategically placed coat hanger wires). the costume was great….until she got covered with shaving cream.
    but what’s a teenage halloween without shaving cream, right?
    love love love love love love from the pomegranite tree
    p.s. the mama bird says she’ll see you tomorrow!

  2. Curlin Reed Sullivan

    hello my darlin’ phoebe bird…

    send me a pic of your pippi and miss margot’s costume. wish you were going to be here tomorrow too! love and lots of leftover candy, auntie rose

  3. Anonymous

    What a nice picture…makes me wanna go to bed 🙂 all dark and stuff. Happy Halloween (belated) to you too!