it’s been so long between journal entries that i have started getting scary messages from my phoebe bird in nyc. “write! write!” she screeches from her perch. and so here goes.

i love all the holidays…but absolutely lurve halloween. i’ve decided it’s a mom’s perfect holiday. huge meal to prepare

2. no enormous mounds of presents to buy

3. no sneak, sneak, sneaking around to do and…

4. no child ever bursts through the door heartbroken because “billy on the bus said pumpkins aren’t real!”

4 Responses to “eeeeeeeeeeek!”

  1. Anonymous

    Halloween rocks my socks! Just to let you know, the phoebe bird will be perched on your crazy halloween golf cart watching you and the wild boys trick-or-treating.
    oh mah gah! guess who i just saw in the pizzeria by my school! that crazy cute polish worker Pavel or Pavo, whatever his name is from Under The Tuscan Sun! it’s just been a crazy month for celebrity citings, hasn’t it!
    love love love love love love love from the phoebe bird’s tree in nyc!

  2. Anonymous

    love your cards. no, ADORE your cards. my daughter’s name is meredith, and her nick is mere. so you know which card i really love. 🙂

    do you have Christmas cards? (i hope)


  3. Curlin Reed Sullivan

    hi hi donni

    i do have christmas cards. haven’t had the chance to put them on the website yet. let me try to send you a some pics. actually…maybe i’ll post them here. how ’bout sending your email address to me at

    thanks for stopping by!!


  4. Curlin Reed Sullivan

    helloooooo there phoebe bird!

    since you’re so good at celeb sightings these days…be on the lookout for clara-the-hefty-wonder-dog’s halloween costume. soooooooo sceeeeeery!

    auntie rose