clara keeping watch

here’s my sweet clara enjoying her reign as head of ranch security. her creaky hips prevent her “riding fence” several times a day so we simply carry out our perimeter checks over a cup of coffee in the morning and leave the afternoon free for clara to protect and defend in a more relaxed waggy-tailed fashion.

we adopted clara from the atlanta humane society about 6 years ago and she’s the sweetest most gentle girl. our first year here she was chasing a fawn that had squeezed through the fence. the minute i told clara to stop, she pitched a cabillion years of instinct aside and let the sweet fawn escape. dearhearted girl.

ooooooh….i could kiss the computer screen right now just looking at her. okay…i just did.

5 Responses to “clara keeping watch”

  1. Anonymous

    the Phoebe Fairy’s doggerpillar would like to tell Clara that he is in admiration of her dependable patrolling of the loverly pippingtooth garden. he says that he feels much safer when he knows she has made her rounds (even with creaky hips).

  2. Anonymous

    I hope that you’re quite done with Alexi seeing as I’m in love with him and we’d like to get married. he’s been serenading me quite a bit lately and I’ve started to plan the wedding. you may be in it of course, if it’s not to painful for you.
    p.s. post something already! 😉

  3. Anonymous

    Oh my… look into Clara’s eyes and you just know that this earth is a good place to be….Hannelore

  4. Anonymous

    Hey,hey there! Once again I am unsure as to my posting ability since yesterday’s comment about the lovely Clara remains unposted—but here goes! Yesterday I merely commented on Clara’s lovely, lovingly watchful eyes—I am glad that she is doing the perimeter checks since I know that you would rather watch her than anything approaching the ranch! All is well in our leafy city and in our yes-let’s-use-the-oven-again home. I will miss the end of farmers’ markets as November approaches, but admit to enjoying the quiet starkness this next month imposes. As you can tell from recent orders I am blessed with friends having babies and am loving the anticipation of giving your illustrations, all matted and framed! Thanks for sharing your insights in so many media, Hannelore