the darling young man on the flying trapeze….

last summer we flew the pippingtooth coop and while on vacation my sweet hubby, luke, took to the skies over minnesota.

he’s playing “a mid-air ode to joy” on the trampoline.

luke was a gymnast growing up and i love this picture of him because i know he’s deliriously happy up there reliving one of the best parts of his childhood.

i look at this image and here’s what i see:

a gentle man who has slipped the pull of gravity for a moment

a loving husband who leaped into sobriety 14 years ago and feels blessed to stay there day after day

a father who’s soared beyond all my expectations

a boyfriend who’s going to get a great big smooch the minute he floats down from cloud nine

4 Responses to “the darling young man on the flying trapeze….”

  1. Anonymous

    Oh! This is the best! What a wonderful tribute to a remarkable guy! Do you ever wonder how you got so lucky? I’ll bet he wonders how he got so lucky all the time!!!! Hannelore

  2. Anonymous

    Hey there! This is my 2nd attempt at posting today, such is the pleasure I get from your journal and, sadly, my inadequacy at getting this posting thing down! Anyway, you are obviously a lucky girl to have found such a darling — and daring — young man and he is one lucky guy to be with one who admires all of his dashing and daring and caring (which, after all, is probably the most dashing and, definitely, the most daring). I hope that this is actually going to make it to your journal because I love these wonderful interludes in the day and hope that you know that your journal is truly a source of pleasure. Hannelore

  3. Curlin Reed Sullivan

    hi hi hannelore! i’m so glad you enjoy the journal…i’m loving writing it. there’s so much that goes on in the garden and in our lives everyday. it’s fun for me to look back on the month and see it all unfold..

    thanks for the note and the picture of your one big happy. your children are darling. tell me more about them.

    your posts made it just fine! next time you post, hit your refresh button and see if you see your post then! oh, and it looks like the hannelore fairy has visited my website again. thanks, miss h.

    see you in the garden soon,