grasshopper pesto

almost made a fine batch of orthopteron parpadelli sunday night.

until the little guy jumped from the basil and landed on the “off” button on my food processor. it was not his time to go.

good thing i wasn’t making pomegranate salad dressing too, as this gorgeous hornworm might have met his vinegarry doom that day as well.

all in all, it was a perilous day for leetle creatures here in our pippingtooth garden.

clara the hefty wonder dog and i “rode fence” this morning and i’m happy to report all insects are present and accounted for as of 10 am.

3 Responses to “grasshopper pesto”

  1. Anonymous

    The Secret Message Leaver is glad that all insects are accounted for as she lives in Rosie’s garden with them and as the hornworm is HER rather hefty wonder doggerpillar and she would have to sue if he died a horrible death by vinegar. she’d much rather it be olive oil if at all.

  2. Curlin Reed Sullivan

    how fun to see that a little phoebe bird flew into my garden and left a secret message. i will be v. careful around the pomegranate where your hornworm doggerpillar resides these days. apparently he left in a huff sunday night and curled up in the crown of one of the beautiful fruits to sulk. i think he will forgive our haphazard harvesting of basil eventually.

    wonder little phoebe bird…how you are faring with your parents flapping to italia? are you finding enough worms to subsist? is your little feathered sister finding comfort under your wing?

    you are loved, phoebe bird…by every creature in pippingtooth garden. members of the rose family especially!

  3. Anonymous

    the little phoebe bird is phoebeying around quite well in the absence of her europe-traipsing parents. the younger sister let out quite a few squawks last night while trying to clean her quite infuriating hamsterpillar’s cage (and the phoebe bird must admit, a few peeps might have popped out of her mouth) but besides that everything is quite alright.

    the phoebe bird’s doggerpillar was quite flustered and huffy, but as Curlin Reed Sullivan noticed, was comforted by a nice nap in the pomegranite tree.
    no luck on the german front, but the phoebe bird is satisfied to alight on her boyfriend paul bettany’s finger.

    lots of love from the pomegranite tree.